Songwriter-Producer Serge Tiagnyriadno Signs Global Recording Agreement with Jetpack Label Group

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Apr. 20, 2020 – PRNewswire:

Jetpack Label Group has signed a worldwide recording deal with songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Serge Tiagnyriadno, the company announced Tuesday (April 10). The agreement will cover Tiagnyriadno’s future works. Under the multi-year agreement, Jetpack Label Group will serve as the exclusive worldwide recorded music partner for Tiagnyriadno and The Sync Center to serve as Tiagnyriadno’s U.S. Music Publisher.  Serge has been a vocalist and guitarist for Leonid & Friends for over five years. Leonid & Friends has had multiple sold-out U.S. tours playing amazing, note-for-note replications of songs from the band, Chicago. In addition to his solo work, Serge  has also composed for television, with credits including: Nestle, Farmak, Sandora, Tous, Burda Ukraine, Arterium, Vishpha, Orisil Pharm, Yuria Pharm, ALEXAFARM, Organosyn, DR.REDDY’S, Farmat Ltd, Sanofi.

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Apr. 20, 2020 – PRNe

Rex Schnelle, A&R and producer “Serge embodies a whole package of musical and performance skills as an artist that excites music lovers of all stripes. Great vocal energy and range, musical excellence, and vibe and image that speaks transparent prodigious talent. Also, his frontman work with Leonid And Friends certainly has provided a platform to launch this exciting new album venture!”

#JamWithBri – Love of my Life

Happy Easter, my friends!

Here is the little gift for you today! Brian May started a challenge to jam with him. Here is my response!
“Love of my life” – one of my favorite songs! Never could imagine that it will be possible for me to it sing along with Brian May playing guitar. Actually, Queen was one of my biggest influences in music, and their music was on of the reasons I’ve started to play, sing and compose music.

Listen to #JamWithBri “Love of my life”!
Guitar – Brian May
Vocal – Serge Tiagnyriadno
Recording – Vlad Butenko
Camera – Tania Tsarik

I Surrender – Rainbow One Take Cover

This song was requested by winner of previous quiz Vasiliy. “I surrender” from “Difficult to cure” album. Funny this album was released in january of 1981, right before I was born.

Beat box, bass, vocal – Serge Tiangnyriadno

Guitar, recording – Vlad Butenko

Queen – My Baby Does Me one take cover

“My baby does me” written by Freddie Mercury and John Deacon, from “Miracle” Queen album released in 1989 – our new one-take cover.

Guitar and recording Vlad Butenko

One More Try George Michael cover

“One more try” – by George Michael from “Faith” album. One of my favorite songs from this LP, that I was listening from childhood… now is one take cover. 🙂

Joe Cocker’s Night Calls Cover

I don’t think that the modern generation will understand what it is exactly – night calls. So the song is more for those who still remember the times when there were dialing circles on the phones … or at least that the phones had a wire 🙂 “Night Calls” by Joe Cocker, written by Jeff Lynn, thanks to Sergius – now also performed by me, continuing one-take covers.