Javelin Recordings “First Days of War” – mUAsic over guns VOL.1

First Days of War, Spotlights the best artists in the Ukraine region. This marks the first step in Serge Tiagnyriadno’s endeavor to bring Ukrainian artists to the World.

Javelin Recordings: Born in War – Built for Peace

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Спи Ісусе, спи – Ukrainian Christmas Carol “Sleep Jesus, Sleep”

“Sleep Jesus, Sleep” – a cut from “12 days of Ukrainian Christmas Carols” series

Спи, Ісусе, спи
Очка зажмури
Можеш, рибко, тихо спати
Тебе буду колисати.
Спи Ісусе, спи маленький
Спи, Ісусе, спи!

Спи Лелійко, спи
Голівку склони
Та на рученьки Марії
Бач, вона Тебе леліє:
Спи Ісусе, спи маленький
Спи, Ісусе, спи!

Спи Убогий, спи
Рученьки склади
Йосифа ще не видати
Несе хлібця Тобі дати
Спи Ісусе, спи маленький
Спи, Ісусе, спи!

Спи, Терпіння спи
Очка зажмури
Не питай, що далі буде
Що зготовлять 
Ти хрест люди
Спи Ісусе, спи маленький
Спи, Ісусе, спи!

Спи, Ісусе, спи
Серце відчини
Хай при Ньому спочиваю
Тут на землі й там в Раю
Спи Ісусе, спи маленький
Спи, Ісусе, спи.

Songs From Other Side of the Planet – digital release

We’ve been able to record my first solo album “Songs From other Side of the Planet” because of coronavirus pandemic. When the world was going to collapse – we just started to make more music. By that time we thought – what’s more terrible can happen, and all our dreams was – when the pandemic will be over, we will go back to normality and be making more music and play it everywhere… We were wrong, it could go worse, and now this terrible war has started when our blody “neighbors” trying to destroy Ukraine, and probably even more… And again what we can oppose to our ignorant and evil “neighbors”? We do what we can, we’re making music, writing songs that reflecting nowdays and recording history with musical codes, that should tell our story to next generations, so they will not let it happen again. Music means a lot, music can make difference, music can speak the truth… If it’s real. I want to thank Rex Paul Schnelle and John Pisciotta, from Jetpack Label Group. And so you know – we starting to record next one, me and Vlad Butenko are already in our Crystal Sound Studio. Stay tuned! Meanwhile “Songs from Other Side of the Planet” is on all streaming platforms – enjoy!




Two weeks of russian war against Ukraine

Hello, dear friends. It’s a two weeks of russian war against Ukraine. As you all know, I live in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine and I still continue to fight against this terribile terror forces along with all Ukrainians. During this two weeks we experienced everything the war can offer. They destroyed entire villages and cities, killed more than 1000 civilians including more than 50 children and today they tried to kill unborn children in citie of Mariupol in maternity hospital. Despite all these terrible things ukrainian army bravely defending our country, as well as every and each citizen of Ukraine. We have no doubt that we will prevail and defeat our enemy, because we’re standing for our homeland, our people, our women, our children, our freedom. We will not give in and will not give away even a small piece of our territory. It’s obvious that our enemy russian federation won’t stop either. It’s time for the entire world to choose its side. If they will destroy our country, they will not stop, they will go further and they can bring war into your home. We need to stop it. And Ukraine is asking for support. We must stop it, whatever it costs, And most important – we should never let it happen again. Slava Ukraini! Heroyam Slava!

If you want to support Ukrainian military forces you can send funds to this account:

If you want to support me and my family directly you can use this link:

If you want to know more about what’s going on in Ukraine you can check this web site:

You can join this FB group to know latest news and support me and people of Ukraine

Live from Other Side of the Planet

“Songs From The Other Side of The Planet” is the first solo album of Serge Tiagnyriadno – singer and songwriter from Kyiv, Ukraine.
In 2020 Serge has signed with Jetpack Label Group, and on 27-th of April, the album been released. It was recorded remotely while Serge been in Kyiv, and producers Rex Paul Shnelle and John Pisciotta worked in Nashville.
Album contains 10 songs that were recorded during pandemic period. In a support of this release Serge played an online live studio concert with his band in Crystal Sound Studio, Kyiv.
You can watch recorded version of this show on imediatv.net and you can purchase other bundles that includes access to the show, album and EP with exclusive worktapes.


Songwriter-Producer Serge Tiagnyriadno Signs Global Recording Agreement with Jetpack Label Group

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Apr. 20, 2020 – PRNewswire:

Jetpack Label Group has signed a worldwide recording deal with songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Serge Tiagnyriadno, the company announced Tuesday (April 10). The agreement will cover Tiagnyriadno’s future works. Under the multi-year agreement, Jetpack Label Group will serve as the exclusive worldwide recorded music partner for Tiagnyriadno and The Sync Center to serve as Tiagnyriadno’s U.S. Music Publisher.  Serge has been a vocalist and guitarist for Leonid & Friends for over five years. Leonid & Friends has had multiple sold-out U.S. tours playing amazing, note-for-note replications of songs from the band, Chicago. In addition to his solo work, Serge  has also composed for television, with credits including: Nestle, Farmak, Sandora, Tous, Burda Ukraine, Arterium, Vishpha, Orisil Pharm, Yuria Pharm, ALEXAFARM, Organosyn, DR.REDDY’S, Farmat Ltd, Sanofi.

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Apr. 20, 2020 – PRNe

Rex Schnelle, A&R and producer “Serge embodies a whole package of musical and performance skills as an artist that excites music lovers of all stripes. Great vocal energy and range, musical excellence, and vibe and image that speaks transparent prodigious talent. Also, his frontman work with Leonid And Friends certainly has provided a platform to launch this exciting new album venture!”