Songs From Other Side of the Planet – digital release

We’ve been able to record my first solo album “Songs From other Side of the Planet” because of coronavirus pandemic. When the world was going to collapse – we just started to make more music. By that time we thought – what’s more terrible can happen, and all our dreams was – when the pandemic will be over, we will go back to normality and be making more music and play it everywhere… We were wrong, it could go worse, and now this terrible war has started when our blody “neighbors” trying to destroy Ukraine, and probably even more… And again what we can oppose to our ignorant and evil “neighbors”? We do what we can, we’re making music, writing songs that reflecting nowdays and recording history with musical codes, that should tell our story to next generations, so they will not let it happen again. Music means a lot, music can make difference, music can speak the truth… If it’s real. I want to thank Rex Paul Schnelle and John Pisciotta, from Jetpack Label Group. And so you know – we starting to record next one, me and Vlad Butenko are already in our Crystal Sound Studio. Stay tuned! Meanwhile “Songs from Other Side of the Planet” is on all streaming platforms – enjoy!

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