Joe Cocker’s Night Calls Cover

I don’t think that the modern generation will understand what it is exactly – night calls. So the song is more for those who still remember the times when there were dialing circles on the phones … or at least that the phones had a wire 🙂 “Night Calls” by Joe Cocker, written by Jeff Lynn, thanks to Sergius – now also performed by me, continuing one-take covers.

Hey You Greeat Gig in the Sky Pink Floyd Cover

Hey You!\Great gig in the sky – by Pink Floyd. Had to gather two of my favorites songs of this band in one piece. Influence of mass media, loneliness, strugle with system, relation to death and life… 33 years ago we had Chornobyl tragedy, that related to all people on the Earth, we knew about it only few days later. A place in a two hours drive from our studio. This one-take cover we dedicate to all who died and all who suffered from Chornobyl.

Queen – Is this the world we created Cover

Is this the world we created… ? – by Queen 2:13. That’s my question for this Easter. It was written 35 years ago, and still actual all these years. Now my one-take cover.